UFC Fighters With a CRAZY Amount of KO Finishes | PART 1

Welcome to Ultimate MMA, where we bring you the best of the UFC and MMA. Today, we gathered all the ko and tko finishes from the UFC fighters who have the most.
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This video is a compilation covering all the TKO and KO victories from the fighters with the most KO finishes. Starting with Francis Ngannou, then followed by Donald Cerrone, Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez, Michael Bisping, and fianlly Dustin Poirier. Please enjoy these head kicks, flying knees, and tight boxing strikes. If you like this video be sure to subscribe and check back every week for more Ultimate MMA!

Welcome to Ultimate MMA, we are here to share the best the UFC and MMA have to offer. The world of professional mixed martial arts is exciting and we brake it all down to give you the highlights you want to see.

0:00 Francis Ngannou
2:38 Donald Cerrone
5:31 Junior Dos Santos
10:03 Michael Bisping
15:43 Dustin Poirier

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