Khabib – The Greatest UFC Fighter of all time!

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Khabib is one of my favourite MMA fighters and I wachted a lot of stuff about him. So I felt his whole story and the way people describe him, like Will Harris did in the joe rogan podcast, that I could make an epic promotion about him. And now looking back to the promotion overall.. I would say, Job achieved!:) At the Will Harris part I did cut it at first, in different parts. With music in the background and all that. But when I watched it and I watched the Will Harris part again.. I felt I didnt need to cut anything or put some dope music in the background, because the voice and the way he described Khabib was already enough to give you goosebumps. And doesnt matter which music I would have put in the background, it always took that intense touch away from Will Harris speech. And in the end Im happy about how I decided!

Will Khabib Nurmagomedov finish his career as the greatest MMA fighter of all time? I think he hasnt proven that yet, but will in the future, by beating ferguson, poirier and gsp. I hope this video doesnt get taken down. took me some time to finish this xD
I still enjoyed it. Made me an even bigger fan, after watching all these footages of Khabib. Also cant wait for tomorrows fight! Who is Team Khabib and who team Poirier?!

1. Rite of Passage
2. Umbra
3. Urban Warfare (No Choir)

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