TOP 5 Most Dangerous Weight Cuts In UFC History

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# 5 Yoel romero – UFC 225
Yoel Romero, otherwise known as the ‘soldier of god’ is the number four ranked contender in the middleweight division and is best known for ruthless knockout power and his two wars with former champion, Robert Whittaker. In his second matchup with Whittaker at UFC 225, Romero looked gaunt and ghost-like on the scale. He initially missed weight by 1lb and on his second attempt Romero struggled to even walk to his hotel room – a scary sight for all MMA fans. Romero also missed weight on his second attempt coming in at 185.2lbs, just 0.2lbs over the required weight. The commission stepped in and prevented the severely depleted Romero from continuing the cut and stripping him of his chances to win the middleweight title. Yoel has expressed the desire to compete at light heavyweight and many fans agree that would be a good idea as at the age of 42 the weight cut is only going to get harder.

#4 Khabib Nurmagomedov – UFC 209
It is no secret that UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov gets big outside of fight camp with training partners mentioning that the Dagestani can get as big as 190lbs. At UFC 209, Khabib was scheduled to take on Tony Ferguson in what has now become the most cursed match up in MMA history. On the morning of the weigh ins, ‘the eagle’ was rushed to hospital after suffering dehydration and intense liver pain, and the fight had to be scrapped. This was not the first time Nurmagomedov has had troubles with his weight, having missed weight once previously at UFC 160. However, it appears the wrestler has made the necessary adjustments to his nutrition and weight cut, Khabib has not missed weight since and has looked a lot healthier on the scale – still the hospitalization has many fans worried every time he steps on the scale.

#3 Darren till – UFC fight night 130
Darren till is a huge fighter. His coaches and teammates estimate when out of camp he walks around at 210lbs, a large out of camp weight for a middleweight fighter let alone when he was competing at welterweight. Its no secret that ‘the gorilla’ suffered his fair share of dangerous cuts on his way down to 170lbs. But it was nowhere more apparent than during his fight at UFC fight night 130 against the dangerous karate striker Stephen Thompson. Till missed weight by 3.5lbs but not before footage leaked of the Liverpool native going temporarily blind while trying to shed the pounds. The footage showed a miserable Till under piles of blankets to help sweat out the necessary water weight and was a graphic reminder of the insane nature of weight cuts.

#2 Conor McGregor – UFC 194
When Conor McGregor stormed his way up the featherweight rankings on his journey to winning his first world title, fans were constantly reminded of just how dangerous extreme weight cutting is, with a grossly depleted and malnourished McGregor stepping on the scales time and time again.
No more was this more apparent than his title fight against Jose Aldo at UFC 194, with Aldo himself suffering from a huge weight cut, it was in no way comparable to ‘the notorious one’. McGregor was bone thin and appeared fragile as he stepped on the scale, screaming at the camera with a haunting example of just how far these athletes are willing to go to obtain an advantage. Looking back it is an even crazier weight cut knowing the success Conor has had at both lightweight and welterweight, with most fans agreeing that it would not be healthy for McGregor to return to 145.

#1 T.J Dillashaw – UFC fight night 143
At number one it is without a doubt T.J Dillashaw , after the two timed UFC world champion defended his belt against former rival, Cody Garbrandt via TKO, he embraced the challenge of obtaining a second world title at flyweight against the newly crowned Henry Cejudo, many experts and fans doubted T.J’s chances of even making the required weight of 125, as Dillashaw was already shredded for all of his fights at bantamweight. But to the amazement of all, T.J was able to make 125lbs, albeit looking like a man who has been marooned on an island for 2 months. Despite making the weight it did not take Cejudo long to secure a controversial stoppage of Dillashaw in the first round of their bout. Many were in agreement that the insanely dangerous weight cut was to blame for T.J’s performance who didn’t look anywhere near as sharp as he did in his spectacular previous fights at bantamweight, with Dillashaw announcing his return to bantamweight for his next fight – a wise decision to be sure. A lot of fans around the world are waiting for his return.

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